20 June 2012

Down the memory lane


In my dreams I often 
go back to childhood days 
No worries, no thoughts 
different were my ways 

Waking up lazy 
playing with the fog 
Swinging with birds 
jumping with my dog 

Walking in the woods 
climbing treetops 
Swimming with tadpoles 
running in flip-flops 

Basking in the sun 
flying with kites 
Dancing in the rain 
seeing rainbow lights 

Splashing in the puddles 
flirting with dirt 
Laughing off worries 
leaving no one hurt 

Now that I’ve grown up 
it's not easy to fall asleep 
The memories of childhood 
often make me weep 

No more kiddie shows 
no funky cartoons 
No more playing around 
no sleepy afternoons 

People learn to live life 
why I couldn’t? 
Childhood grew up 
why memories couldn’t? 


15 June 2012

It makes sense


When controversy surrounds 
and things blow out of proportion 
that tranquility still makes sense 

When tension surrounds 
and mind gets exhausted
that patience still makes sense 

When mystery surrounds 
and logic takes a backseat 
that reality still makes sense 

When laughter surrounds 
and the vox gets too loud 
that silence still makes sense 

When darkness surrounds 
and the heart gets out of rhythm 
that hope still makes sense

29 May 2012

15 Random clicks from my DSLR: Different colors of life


Although I have not been very regular in photography (which is one of my hobbies), I love playing with my DSLR occasionally. While I am fairly new to the DSLR, I believe that photography is a life-long learning experience. My philosophy is to capture the moment. It doesn't matter what the subject is, so long as it draws my eye. Some of my favorite subjects in photography are people, nature, animals, mountains, waterfalls and, flowers. I really miss those days when I just used to carry my camera around, hanging it on my neck snap anything that caught my eye! Here are few of my shots taken with my Canon Kiss X3/ EOS 500D/ Digital Rebel T1i DSLR using Canon EF-S18-55mm/ Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II/ Canon EF-S55-250mm lenses.

A Japanese doll

A green field

Hogenakal Falls: famous waterfalls in South India on the river Kaveri, Tamil Nadu.

You will find a lot of monkeys around Hogenakal: Beware of your food items!

The temple elephant at the Kamakshi temple in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India

Sun-shine captured through my window

An Indian Barbie doll

VIT University Hostels at Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

A white Flamingo in Asa Zoo Park, Hiroshima, Japan

A duck swimming in a warm winter day

Roses: a timeless symbol of romance

At a crossroad in Higashi-Hiroshima city, Japan

Haphazard arrangements at times can be beautifully attractive!

A lonely walker (Location: Japan sea, Shimane, Japan)

A beautiful sun-set (Location: Port of Kure, Seto Inland Sea, Japan)


26 May 2012

Eternal pain


Oh my aching head!
please get out of my brain
Numb mind and throbbing veins
I wander in darkness yet again
Trying to be normal I put a mask
but unwilling to let go is my strain
Either you go or I shall leave
life is going down the drain
Give me sleep or give me death
just stop torturing my brain
Or should I slaughter my head
to get rid of this eternal pain?

23 April 2012

A lost childhood


 Silent eyes
 wanders around
 among heartless folks
 crying without sound

 Distressed face
 demos empty emotions
 horizons growing dark
 shameless temptations

 Exhausted body
 no shoulder to lean on
 an aching heart
 oppressed by privation

 Stretched on the bed
 led to believe lies
 clock ceases chiming
 dreams of open eyes

 No gem to shed a tear
 No roses to offer smiles
 No heart to skip a beat
 No hope to chase dreams

 Begging on the streets
 he is yet to grow
 what will be his fate
 will someone ever know?
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