25 May 2008

Playing around with kids at a Japanese school

It was early March, I was invited to teach English (along with some other foreigners) to the students, of grade-1 to grade-6, of the local Elementary School in Saijo (Hiroshima). It was an informal kind of introductory classes allocated one day for each grade students. I was indeed impressed with the environment of school as well as with the teaching-learning activities. The students were keen to learn English with the guest teachers; however, their questions were mostly confined to some introductory stuffs. We also played some typical Japanese games with the kids. On the last (6th) day, there was a musical show performed by grade-6 students. We were thrilled by such a matured performance by small kids. It was a perfectly crafted show with shear professional elegance by the little champs. Please take a look at some of the moments that I captured through my camera.

It was a day to remember. Whenever I visit to a school or see a school kid, I can't stop myself from going down into the memories of that special day.

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HFZ said...

The song said something about flowers, each with it's own uniqueness, and don't have to compete amongst themselves to be the Number 1. To this blogger too, stick with the best of you because you have your own exceptional quality. All the best

Anonymous said...

Dear HFZ,
Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your encouraging remarks. I will try to live up to the expectations...

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