24 June 2008

A cloud cover

One day there was a whispering on air,
that the sun has refused to glitter,
and the darkness was perpetual
few blamed that the development had it's share
others were talking about depleted 'ozone-layer'

I tried to give heed to the voicelessness
was it the end of world?
I recalled the things I had to do...
I had to find a job and start my life
at a nice home with my beautiful wife
& I want my kids to call me 'papa'...

Suddenly, I woke up seething with fear
oh! so it was just a dream...
I felt relieved and looked around
though, the sun was still not shining,
it was only a cloud cover
Thank god! my 'dream' was 'not' over

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Anonymous said...

I wish your dreams are never shattered. Lets hope for a better world.
Yours friend

Roshan said...

I really admire the philosopher, the composer and the writer living inside you. Even though I do not want to write a criticism about your verse, my mind was not allowed me to leave this page without dropping few lines about your attempt. Truly this is an excellent effort to penetrate the conflict between the nature and the term what we mean "Development".

Keep in continue your "DREAMING...".

A well wisher and a friend (who was next to you when you were composing the verse) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good poem, great composition. Thematically you are contrasting what is and what ought to be. At the begining, you seems to be pessimistic (perpetual darkness) but you show rays of hope at the end. Looking for an uptopia will lead to the better one but sometimes it will also lead to pessimism. Optimum is the better option, I believe. I admire you philosophical search for utopia. Definitely, we can hope for bright sunshine after dark cloud. I wish you dream come true.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Anonymous" friend,
Thanks for your wish. & I would like to join you in your ambition of a better world.

Dear Roshan,
I am truly flattered by your remarks! I don't think I deserve it. Anyway, thanks for your comments and appreciation of my work. Hope to hear from you regularly.

Dear "Anonymous" friend,
I am happy that you liked the composition. I agree with your belief that optimum is the better option...& thanks for your wish.

Basanta Gautam on June 30, 2008 at 7:13 AM said...

Quite emotional and philosophical! You have depicted your present feeling into words very well.

Rajani on July 2, 2008 at 1:33 PM said...

Hi, dai

Its nice poem.
Keep on dreaming. I am sure dreams turn into reality one day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Basantji for such a nice comment; though, I have always been an admirer of your poems/gazals...

Rajani ji, Everyone should "not" stop dreaming...as they (dreams) are the sources of energy & enthusiasm to achieve/realize something...

Jitendra said...

Wish you all the best. I went throuhg some articles and its really good. I appreciate your effort and really u are the best in all field .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment. I expect your visit to this blog in future as well.

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