05 July 2008

Can't I change?

One hazy morning, with a cup of tea in hand
I thought, why I can't 'change' the world?

I am not a philosopher,
so can't argue about good or bad
I am not an actor,
so can't pretend to smile when sad

I am not a politician,
so can't redefine the truth
I am not an astrologer,
so can't try to make lives smooth

I am not a reporter,
so can't fabricate a truth and cook
I am not a painter,
so can't give world a 'paradise look'

But, why do I need any recognition?
I can simply 'change' myself and 'inspire' few others,
won't it be 'great' if people treat 'the others' as 'brothers'?

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Roshan said...

Dear Deependra,

You have presented a great idea in a simple way. Until the last verse the reader has the curiosity, "really, can't I change the world?". But in the last verse you have nicely presented that we don't need to think far beyond our capacities rather than simply changing our selves to treat each other as brothers. Yes...that is our responsibility. That is social harmony. It should start at the individual level. then...Yes, we can change the world...at least someday.

Lukmanul Hakim said...

Dear Friend,
Thanks for this nice post. Now I think I can catch it. LOL. I also agree with the sort of "internal change" -- as Roshan said "start at the individual level" -- that later this change can SPREAD NATURALLY (I guess) to others towards a better world.
Cheers, Mate!

Basanta Gautam on July 7, 2008 at 7:05 AM said...

गम्भिर चिन्तन राख्नुभएको रहेछ दिपेन्द्रजीले। निश्चयनै आफैंलाई बदल्न सक्नुनै दुनियाँलाई बदल्नु हो। "अप्प दीपो भव" भनेर बुद्धले पनि त्यहि भन्नुभएको हो शायद।

सुन्दर विचार पढ्ने मौका दिनुभएकोमा धन्यबाद!

Sujan said...

Deependra dai
Good thoughts. If everyone starts thinking your way then the world will be a better place for everyone to live.
I wish that one day your thought becomes reality.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Roshan, Lokman,Basant ji & Sujan ji,
Thank you all, for your encouraging remarks.

Dear Mukesh,
Thanks for sharing a nice article with the readers.

Prajwol on July 14, 2008 at 1:44 AM said...

Great thoughts using perfect verses. This is exactly what was going on my mind, trying to change myself first and then looking out through the changed lens.

I am more than happy to exchange blog links with you.

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Anonymous said...

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