11 August 2008

My patience

Last night, I attended a funeral
It was death of my patience

It got infected long time back,
I can't remember exactly when
May be, when the reform process,
got a set-back,
and nation was put to 'shame'

From poll-tricks to politics,
the leaders kept on changing loyalty
Opportunism is on agenda,
National pride is not on priority

It's said that history repeats itself,
it seems, we are repeating the history
With un-natural collisions & dirty politics on,
leaders' interest is no longer a mystery

My patience could not take it anymore,
it was on bed rest & facing a tough fight
With overdose of conspiracy, betrayal & compromise,
It finally died last night

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Alok said...

hmm...It's exactly what's happening in Nepal, I guess! Leaders have deviated from the set agenda & politics of 'conspiracy, betrayal & compromise' is definitely around. May god 'save' our nation's integrity.
wonderful composition! keep it up!

Basanta Gautam on August 12, 2008 at 12:43 PM said...

The situation is so hopeless that anybody can lose his/her patience. You have expressed sentiment of all of us.

And the composition is very good.

Mukesh Jha said...

It's great piece of writing ,describing about the current situation of Nepal. I wish you can get to write exact opposite of this writing once the Nation will be out of dirt politics & out of reach from the moral less politicians.
Great Writing ! please keep posting such a great thought which is completely owned by you,... I don't think anyone can write such a great feelings about the Nation other than you.
Mukesh Jha (USA)

Prajwol on August 13, 2008 at 4:19 AM said...

I am not good with poems, not just writing but reading and the over all interest too.

But the first two lines of this poem really fascinated me.

I agree with your overall message, only variation is that I haven't yet had the funeral of my patience. But it sure is hospitalised at present :)

Anonymous said...

Deependra Jee
"My patience" is really great. Hope this is just a poem not your reality in Nepal. Please bring some good news...and write some good things...
Your friend

Sameer on August 17, 2008 at 11:04 PM said...

when our leaders and country will change......

Anonymous said...

Dear Alok, Basantji, Mukesh & Prajwolji,
Thanks for your thoughts & concerns. & I am glad to know that you liked the composition.
Mukesh, I really wish to write something opposite to this, someday...

Dear friend 'NMJ',
Thanks for appreciating this write-up. By the way, It's not 'just' a poem...the situation is so hopeless over here!
I will try to bring some 'good news' & will write some 'good things'...

Dear Sameer,
Welcome to this blog! I am, too, waiting for such a 'change'...hope to hear from you again & again.

Anonymous said...

very beautiful lines...

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