03 September 2008

Talking to your silence

Sometimes, I see you in my dreams,
spreading lovely smiles,
as if you are watching me!
You look divine in your silence,
sitting on a magical mat
And telling me not to come home late,
always do this & never do that!

You taught me many things,
all in a caring way
Wonder why you decided to leave me,
as such I could not have even my final say
For everything you did to me,
I admire in appreciation everyday

I find you far away now,
as my voice does not reach to you
But, I wanna talk with your silence,
with tears rolling down my eyes,
I wanna make few promise to you
Once! only for the last chance,
please come to me,
so that I can say 'good-bye' to you

(My poems also appear at http://www.poemhunter.com )
(* Tribute to my loving grandmother who passed away fifteen years ago)
(Photo courtesy: Dawn's Art Gallery )

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Alok said...

Wonderful & so natural! The composition is great and you have truly expressed your emotions.
But, you know friend, death is the ultimate truth of our life. we should live every moment of our life, as if it's the last time we are living it. otherwise, we may not get a chance even to regret.
May the departed soul rest in eternal peace!

Lukmanul Hakim said...

Very touching and when you read it in front of me, I kind a caught the emotion in it, though you seemed to read it flat. Somehow I feel when I read it, I feel like climbing up a hill or mountain and the final verse is the peak of that hill/mountain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alok & Lokman,
I appreciate that you find this post touching. It's actually my emotions which I expressed as a tribute to my grandmother, whom I could not say good-bye. I was away from home appearing in an examination when she passed away; and my family did not convey the message till my exams were over. It's been quite some time now since her departure, but I still miss her!

Basanta Gautam on September 10, 2008 at 6:29 AM said...

Very emotional and touching!

Death is a main part of life but we still feel very difficult to accept. But we have no way other than accept and move ahead. Our dear ones who passed away will always live in our memory.

May her soul rest in eternal peacce!

Anonymous said...

probably you are right.
Thanks! that's all I can say!

Anonymous said...

It was very nice. I do believe that ones who have left us, always are with us and watching what we do.We can not see them and it might be because we are the ones in the smaller world. Coming to the end point! Your respectful grandmother, always watches you and be sure she is proud of you. God bless her!

Anonymous said...

Thanks my 'anonymous' friend for your wonderful thoughts!

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