25 October 2008

A confession

I always had a feeling
that I gave you my entire life
'I' worked hard,
'I' suffered,
& 'I' sacrificed
Though, it was nothing more than my arrogance,
you always agreed to my baseless arguments
and always accepted the myth
Now, at a tired, spiritless stage of life
I sit back & think,
Did I ever care for your feelings?

At times, when you really needed
I went away from you
In search of my 'own' space
and a name for myself
I always tried to justify it
I kept on chasing 'my' ambitions
but, I tried to convince you,
as if they were 'our' dreams

'our' dreams? I doubt it
They could not be our dreams, yet
you prayed for a sun-shine every morning
Now, I have no hesitation in confessing
that you are the star of my sky
who always carried my burdens,
without expecting any appreciation
burdens of my unrealized dreams

I don't know how often I broke your heart
yet you stood by me
willing to accept all the hassles, gracefully
How can I ever thank you,
for coming into my life?
and giving a meaning to my life
Even now,
when I regret my past
You teach me,
to cherish everyday as last day of life
I fear of that 'last' day
because, I hate to say good-bye
When the end comes for me,
I wish you to hold me in your embrace
As you have hold me over the years
I can apologize for all the moments in past,
when I failed to say "I love you"
and make a promise to rectify them,
if given a 'next' life!

(My poems also appear at http://www.poemhunter.com )

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उजेली on October 25, 2008 at 12:56 PM said...

the poem is really touching.......based on reality??

Ramesh B on October 26, 2008 at 7:01 AM said...

Deependra ji, it was your yet another exceptional piece of writing! Keep it up!

Lukmanul Hakim on October 26, 2008 at 9:37 AM said...

I love this part most : "as if they were 'our' dreams"
Keep up the good work! This poem seems to be something coming out from the deepest emotion. :D

However, it's only my personal (someone who is even unable to write a poem!) opinion that this part; "that you are the star of my sky, who always carried my burdens"
I just felt that star is not suitable for something that can carry a burden... Star is something high above and never carries something...

Anonymous said...

Dear उजेली, Thanks for finding the poem touching. Regarding your question, I would say that normally poems reflect feelings/experiences/imaginations about something. I know what do you mean by asking "based on reality??"; I would say yes. However, the character "I" can be anyone from the society: myself, you or someone else, who may feel the same way, at some point of time in life.

Ramesh ji, Thanks for the compliment!

Dear Lokman, At first, I am grateful to the way you have been following my write-ups. I value you comments. Now, coming to the point you have raised, I would like to make my feelings a bit clear. When I say, you are the star of my sky, I don't indicate to the actual definition of the words. rather, 'star' just signifies 'the brighter aspect' of the 'life' (sky). The overall impression is to be grateful to someone, who eases out your burdens and try to lit up your life from the darkness caused by the unrealized dreams. I think, what I have tried to say, has a symbolic meaning rather than its actual one. having said that, I must admit my apologies if I have not been able to write a 'perfect' analogy.

Lukmanul Hakim on October 26, 2008 at 11:01 AM said...

Dear Deependra,
Thanks for making things clearer. My wife and I enjoy this poem very much. Thanks dear friend. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This is a master piece! deep down your feelings, I can sense an emotional confession to your beloved. you have been honest in expressing your feelings. Loved it.

Netra said...

Love to see the poetic part of u and it is beautiful.
keep exploring u.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lokman and 'Anonymous' friend,
I am glad that you liked the poem.

Welcome to this blog! & thanks for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

 Newer stop dreaming...

Palas kumar Ray on November 15, 2009 at 12:48 PM said...

This is beautiful poem.This poem shows your humble attitude towards life.We are never complete within "myself".

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