11 October 2008

A gloomy sky

Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you turn your attention to other things, It comes and softly sits on your shoulder. 'Soul-mate' as they say, is the person you cannot live without. People always say 'don't let that person go out of your life'. You often feel that you belong to each other, but something suddenly comes up to prevent this from happening. Last week, one of my friend lost her soul-mate, in an accident. Needless to say, I am deeply shocked by the incident. However, Life doesn't stop at any point...so we have to keep moving...willingly or unwillingly...This post is a tribute to the lady's courage and determination, who is all set to provide her children with a better tomorrow...

I don't know why I fail to sleep at nights
I don't know what's going through my mind
I don't know why the sky appears so gloomy
I don't know what exactly I am unable to find

I don't know why life with you was such a pleasure
I don't know if I can ever touch you again
I don't know why you are not around to show me the way
I don't know if my life can ever be the same again

I don't know why they look at me so strangely
I don't know if I am doing something wrong
I don't know why it looks like a dead-end
I don't know if I will ever cheer for a song

I don't know why the truth became myth overnight
I don't know if I can ever neglect your presence
I don't know why I can't show my tears to anyone
I don't know if my life can 'go-on' in your absence

but what I know is,
that the life can never be standstill
& that an angel sleeps beside me every night
& due to that the sun shines every morning
& that your memories will always be with me
Memories never die...

(My poems also appear at http://www.poemhunter.com )

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Alok said...

I like the way you have started the post.."Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you..." & yes, you are right that life doesn't stop at any point...so we have to keep moving...willingly or unwillingly.
once again, a nice expression of feelings with an optimistic finish! I salute the lady who is your source of your inspiration for this admirable composition.

Lukmanul Hakim said...

My deep condolence to the lady and wish that things are going better on her. My sympathy is also due to the lady's children and hope they'll always have lively morning at every new day.
As for the poem, it ends very well with such an optimistic verse.

Yoonoos Peerbocus on October 12, 2008 at 6:38 PM said...

memories never die.......how nice this monologue focused on search......the rep. of [i don't know] boosts up the intensity all through and so does the rhyme [wrong/song]..plus the alliteration [sun/shines]... well done!

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
Thank you all for putting up your thoughts & concerns! It is said that we should always believe in optimism, no matter what happens... however, it's easier said than done! anyway friends, let's try to follow the path of optimism...

आकार on October 15, 2008 at 11:15 PM said...

wow ! nice poem.........
and nice blog template as well..

Anonymous said...

Dear आकार,
Thanks for the compliments!

Juhne on March 2, 2009 at 12:21 PM said...

nice poem.. sir, i used it for my multiply account.. a poem like this should be spread out.. thank you for inspiring us.. keep it up http://juhne7.multiply.com/photos/album/117

Anonymous said...

Dear Juhne, I am glad that you liked this poem. and you are welcome to use this poem at your web-page. Good-luck!

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