23 April 2012

A lost childhood

 Silent eyes
 wanders around
 among heartless folks
 crying without sound

 Distressed face
 demos empty emotions
 horizons growing dark
 shameless temptations

 Exhausted body
 no shoulder to lean on
 an aching heart
 oppressed by privation

 Stretched on the bed
 led to believe lies
 clock ceases chiming
 dreams of open eyes

 No gem to shed a tear
 No roses to offer smiles
 No heart to skip a beat
 No hope to chase dreams

 Begging on the streets
 he is yet to grow
 what will be his fate
 will someone ever know?

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Renu on April 25, 2012 at 12:26 PM said...

I feel very sad when I see children either working or begging..

Alok said...

Quite depressing content-wise but excellent write! really felt it. amazing lines.

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